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Enjoy the last days of this season with ALPINE ANGLER!
November 28., 2019
The ALPINE ANGLER travel dates 2020 are online!
All travel dates for the upcoming season are now online! The good news, there are still spaces available for the trips to Italy and to the Traun river in Austria, as well as for our travel highlight to Montana, USA. All information in the section "Travel".
November 27., 2019
Great catches towards season end!
The last week of November brought once again moments of happiness at the end of the season in bright sunshine with three salmonid species: The beautiful and 53cm long Rainbow and the wonderfully spotted brown trout were seduced on the upper Isar river on dry fly while the big grayling measuring 51cm was caught by one of our frequent customers on the Mangfall river - here a very rare catch! Photos: A.P., R.S.
November 18., 2019
What a fish!
If weather and water in late autumn fits, the fishing on the upper Isar river just before the end of the season is hard to beat. This dream grayling took a dry fly while a guiding on the Isar Seibold. And it's not over yet! For this weekend great weather with mild temperatures is announced... Photo: A.P.
November 03., 2019
Superb late fall fishing on the upper Isar river!
For a good week now, the upper Isar river is finally flowing gin-clear. The weather was beautiful on the first weekend of November and accordingly so was the fishing! Rising grayling and trout on dry flies and on light 3weight tackle plus no more boats: the Isar here in the "Isarwinkel" is now a dream as lately on a guide trip, crowned by a gorgeous 48cm grayling.
The season is still going until November 30., you should jump on the days with sunshine! Photos: A.P.
October 21., 2019
Fantastic Ybbs trip!
The conditions at the Ybbs river in lower Austria were once again terrific: 4 days of golden and warm fall weather, plus a crystal clear river in a beautiful landscape offered great fishing with the fly rod what the participants together with Andy Pfirstinger could experience and enjoy in full on our autumn trip to Opponitz.
Rainbow trout in all sizes up to 50cm, beautiful grayling - some over 40cm as well as an occasional brown trout (+ 1 char + 1 fat chub) could be interested in the dry fly or nymph presented on fine tackle. The whole adventure was rounded off a last time by Hanni's excellent game kitchen. In short, a wonderful trip that has thrilled everyone! Photos: B.N., A.P.
October 07., 2019
Good fall fishing on the upper Isar river!
Altogether quite good conditions prevailed in the last two weeks of September and the first week of October here on the upper Isar river - on the weekend however another turning point was to abide due to heavy rains.
If it does not rain much more this week, the Isar should soon be clear again. This photo with a beautiful grayling was recently taken while a guide trip. Photo: T.S.
September 30., 2019
Great luck with the weather and many fish on the Traun river!
Optimal conditions with low water levels and crystal clear water combined with great late summer weather were enjoyed by our customers with Andy Pfirstinger at the Gmundner and Goiserer Traun in the last week of September. Accordingly, the fishing was excellent and so many trout were caught up to the 50cm-class mostly with nymphs, also two magnificent barbel with the nymph on sight and some nice grayling. Only dry fly fishing could have been better... Photos: A.P., H.R., S.D.
September 24., 2019
Silver Salmon Fishing in Alaska!
Much experienced, but not much caught, that is the summary of my first fly fishing trip to Alaska.
For 2 weeks, together with 3 friendly customers of mine we went to the famous Kenai River and other smaller rivers on the Kenai Peninsula. 2 landed Cohos, 1 Steelhead and 1 nice Arctic Char were the sparse result next to a few Rainbows and Dollies, because the silver salmon simply did not really want to run up for spawning - and that at prime time.
After all, a first silver salmon on fly for me, it was a very nice specimen, too! And because overall great, I think about organizing a trip there next year.... Photos: A.P., S.S.
September 05., 2019
The few highlights of this summer!
With the exception of a small time window in the second and third week of July and otherwise only on a few more days the upper Isar river did not offer great fly fishing conditions - and this since mid May! Repeatingly heavy rains over the Northern Alps were the reason for several high waters and long lasting blur! On the right you see a gin-clear Isar river at sunset on July 11. - the fish were rising like crazy. On the left Andy Pfirstinger with a strong rainbow in the mid fifties taken on the Idrija river in Slovenia by the end of July, here water and weather were good at the end of July.
Sadly not much more to tell about this summer... let's hope for a golden fall! Photos: G.J., A.P.
July 10., 2019
Alpine Angler Trip High Tauern Mountains, Austria - again a relish!
Mostly sunny summer weather without heat bestowed the participants of our travel event to the "Hohe Tauern" region in the first week of July this year a journey of enjoyment. Even if the fishing on the famed Krimmler Ache wasn't that convincing this time, gorgeous grayling, brook trout and trout were seduced by all attenders mostly on dry flies while sight fishing. The opportunity to fish the Salzach river on the last day brought strong trout and brook trout on nymphs and streamers what really made this a well-rounded trip! Photos: A.H., A.P.
July 01., 2019
Finally the upper Isar river offers perfect conditions up-to-date!
After a month of compulsory break due to massive floods and enduring murkiness, the Isar river here in the "Isarwinkel" is currently running low and clear along its entire length. Now that the heat disappears as well the conditions for fly fishing in the near term are optimal! Photo: A.P.
June 30., 2019
Really round Alpine Angler trip II to Italy!
Although as well in the third week of June many streams in the Alpine region were still running high and cloudy, our group of the second fly fishing trip to South Tyrol and to the Veneto experienced good to very good fishing in all waters that were fished during the 4 days. Even on the Piave all participants caught various brown trout in the clear and low running water and encountered many grayling and some trout with the dry fly at the Antholzer creek. In pleasant weather which wasn't hot everyone got along splendidly and of course we had great food as well. So this trip should have pleased all who attended greatly. Photos: S.H., A.P.
June 04., 2019
Delightful Alpine Angler trip I to Italy!
Despite bad weather in May so far it turned nice just in time for our first fly fishing trip to northern Italy. However the conditions on-site in rivers and streams were insufficient so the first 2 fish days took place at two alpine lakes in South Tyrol with great success! Marbel trout, hybrids, brown trout, some rainbows and numerous graylings as well as a few chars in respectable sizes were infatuated with nymph, streamer but also with the dry fly. By contrast day 3 and 4 on the river and creek produced very few fish, partly because air temperatures got summerly warm with the effect waters clouded.
With overall satisfactory fishing in good weather the participants enjoyed again the eventful trappings of this trip and were excited. Photos: A.P.
May 28., 2019
High water on the upper Isar river!
Sad to say but this is how the upper Isar river presents itself for over a week now - high and "latte macchiato"! Supposedly it will take weeks until the river will be fishable again, we'll keep you posted.... Photos: A.P.
May 10., 2019
Fair start of the season at the upper Isar river!
The weather and water conditions on the upper Isar were rather mixed in the last 10 days since the opening of the season. Despite some snow melt in the river, nice catches were yet possible, although rather only with a nymph or streamer. So two long-time guiding customers as well as two newcomers to fly fishing had hit the days with the best weather so far of this young season on May 1st + 2nd and May 7th + 8th and could enjoy these and other pretty catches. Photos: A.P.
April 18., 2019
Good start of the season at the white Traun river!
In sunny spring weather albeit with a cool east wind and a clear but elevated white Traun, beautiful and many catches were possible in mid-April - to about half already with dry flies. So our customer together with guide Andy Pfirstinger were happy about the good fishing and these catches among others. Day 2 was also topped with a 'Grand Slam' with brown trout, rainbow trout and a brook trout. Photos: A.P.
April 03., 2019
The brand new ALPINE ANGLER broschure is here!
After time consuming review and edit our new info-broschure is now available. The currently 48 pages strong broschure informs you with many great pictures about our offer in the divisions Fly Fishing School, Guiding, Travel and Apparel. Just request for free!
March 05., 2019
Great season opening at lake Walchen!
Last Sunday it was finally time going up to the Walchensee and swing the fly rod again. The weather was sensationally sunny after two cool rainy days and so it was a treat though an intense two-handed rod casting training was the dominant theme. That we still saw silver was the icing on the cake, even if it was an undersized lake trout - a second of similar size was lost. However this is quite a success for fly fishermen on this large alpine lake because no fish days are common.
PS: As we could hear from other lake anglers while having a wheat beer in the sun at lunchtime, a 70cm lake trout was caught from shore as well as a few more 60+ fish in the first two days of the season. Larger specimens are still swimming in this beautiful lake so there is a chance - also on streamers! Photos: A.P.
February 21., 2019
Before long in some places the new fly fishing season is going to start!
Real soon now it will be: again at last going fly fishing - yipee!
For us the beginning of the new season means: silver hunting - because on March 1. the lake trout will open. To chase this rare quarry there are no more beautiful places here than lake Walchen.
Turquoise blue water framed by snow-capped mountains lets one with the fly rod in the hand enjoy the first warming sun rays of the approaching spring. Even catching a lake trout with a fly, let alone a large one (>60cm) is not an easy task in the whole Alpine region and requires a good portion of luck as well, there is at least a real chance still today. And even if no lake queen bites, so the lowered banks of the lake in spring provide an ideal terrain for an extensive casting training in a gorgeous ambience.
Treat yourself now in March and April - in these 2 months the lake trout swim near the shore - with a half or full day guiding with integrated casting training coached by Andy Pfirstinger from which you will benefit in any case and be perfectly prepared for the new season (Single hand and/or Double Hand, as it pleases). And with a bit of luck you may catch your first lake trout on a fly. Guide Andy with his 20 years of experience at this beautiful mountain lake has led quite many fly anglers to this success.
January 21., 2019
All travel dates for the season 2019 are online!
We have good and bad news: The bad news is, most trips are already booked solid - repeat participating customers have priority. We feel sorry for all other prospects but we hope you'll understand our policy.
The good news is, for 1 trip in the Alps we still have 2 spaces available! All information concerning the destination and travel package accomplishments you'll obtain directly by clicking this link (sorry there is only a German description available for our travel events):
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