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The season 2021is going to its peak - enjoy the fallwith Alpine Angler!

September 22., 2021
Fly fishing trip toMexico - Projekt Tarpon!
In the last week of August and first week of September we went to the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. This not least because the fly fishing trip to Montana had to be canceled again due to corona entry regulations. The fishing for baby tarpon in the lagoon was very good - however the goal to catch a big silver king on fly was again missed. Although the journey took place at the best time forMigratory Tarpon, there were only few tarpon around this year and these few showed a disturbed behavior,hardly not showingup andnot feeding. Whether the current was unfavorable or the water temperature was too cold, only onelarge tarpon took the fly and said goodbye to the hook on the first jump,which again is not uncommon. No matter, the trip in the small group was wonderful and we're sticking to it, because the destination definitely has the potential for a 100+ pounder! Photos: K.S., M.H., A.P.

August 18.,2021
Wir finally got some nets fromFishpond!
This year we have added Fishpond products to our range because of their high quality and excellent functionality. Due to Corona there were massive delivery problems, but now we have finally received some (a few) landing nets with protective rubber net that are looking for their equal. Because wholesale prices have increased slightly, we also had to raise the retail price a bit, but what does it help: These robust wading nets are worth every penny and therefore will be quickly sold out again...

August 8.,2021
Alpine Angler fly fishing trip Traun - afantastictrip!
In the absence of time, now a short summary of this year's AA fly fishing trip to the Austrian Traun river with the conclusion: Fabuloustrip for all participants! At the beginning of July, the conditions were perfect - after years. Sunny summer weather combined with low water levels offeredexcellent fishing on all fished sections of the Traun as well as on the beautiful Steyr river,also scheduled on this year'strip itinerary.In addition to the many catches of strong trout and grayling (as well as several Grand Slams), large specimens were also caughtincluding a 57cm Rainbow in Steelhead format, 2 trophy grayling with 52 and 51cm (the latter on dry fly), a brown trout with 50cm and 2 barbels with 65cm. Last but not least, there was once again a super-harmonious group at the start, so that everyone could enjoy the whole schmear includinggood food and the social get-together to the full. Photos: A.P., M.S., D.D.

With a fly for carp- great fishing!
Andy Pfirstinger finally had the opportunity to try it forcarp with a fly again. Together with buddy and colleague Thorsten Krammwe recently took a rowboat to a quarry pond in northeast Munich. As you can see, it worked out with this wonderful 15 pound mirror carp! Coarse fishing with the fly is not easy at all, you have to see the fish and deliberately cast to the fish similar to fly fishing for bonefish in the flats. And also the fight is not without, in obstacles under water a hooked carp likes to look for its sake and does soforcefully. Everything went well here. Photos: T.K.

Alpine Angler Fly Fishing Journey to Italy- an absolutely successful trip!
The first fly fishing trip of this year was planned at the beginning of June and the corona situation relaxed just in time before that, so that the booked participants could start the trip with Andy Pfirstinger. The joy of reuniting with long-term participants and with the "locals" was huge, as well as the fact that you were going to travel again, eat in a restaurant and enjoy the impressive panorama of the Dolomite mountains. Sunny, not too hot weather and an overall very good and varied fisheriein several different waters for brown trout, grayling, rainbows and brook trout were added. The biggest catch was a 60cm charand there was also a reallynice one 50cm marbel troutincluded amongst many other beautiful catches. All participants, who also got on really well with each other, were therefore extremely satisfied with this experience, as was Andy as the organizer and tour guide. Photos: T.S, A.K., S.H., A.P.

May 24.,2021
Alpine Angler Fly Fishing journeys to Italy and Austria can take place!
Good news from the Corona front: Quaratine restrictions are no longer in effect, hotels and catering open again in both countries. Dolomites, Traun river valley and Hohe Tauern - we are coming!

May 22.,2021
Season start on the upper Isar river!
Since May 1st it has been possible to fish on the upper Isar river again. Unfortunately, the weather in May has been too cold and wet so far, which is why dry fly fishingwas not particularly successful. Nevertheless, some beautiful specimens could be seduced, especially with nymph and streamer. When it finally will getwarmer and drier now,fishingshould improve significantly.Photos: A.P.

April 12., 2021
Another attemptatlake trout with belly boat!
This time Andy Pfirstinger and a frequent customer made an attempt on the Tegernsee with belly and pontoon boat. Much water and great scenerybut not a single bite all day. However, we'll stay focused!Photos: M.S.

March 23., 2021
Chasing Silver - first catch!
It has worked out, the first lake trout on fly of this young season. A frequent customer of ours fishing from the belly boat got the beauty on lake Tegernand of course released the fish.She is not large but wonderfully spotted.Petri! Photo: M.S.

March 02., 2021
Season opening at lake Walchen!
The new fly fishing season is started, traditionally we do so here at the Walchensee, also because hardly any other waters in the area are open for fishing yet. The dream weather and the great sceneryof this mountain lake as well as the wheat beer were a pleasure, but the fishing itself was absolutely Corona-rules compliant, simply because there was absolutely no contact with fish. It is a shame that the lake'strout population in this beautiful lake has decreased enormously over the past few years.
However we will still try to go for the lake queen, apart from that, a day up on the lake can be ideally combined with an intensive one- and two-hand casting training.If you feel likeit, you can simply contact Andy Pfirstinger by phone or email and arrange a private class/guiding appointment.

February 10, 2021
Virtually all Fulling Mill fly patterns within our range are back in stock!
Thestart of the season is slowly getting closer and it is getting time to prepare for it. While anticipation increases, it is also important to replenish your lurestocks.So for that we now have almost all selected high quality flies from Fulling Mill back in stock again, which you can see in detail and order here:

January 24, 2021
The Alpine Angler travel dates for 2021 are online!
TheAlpine Angler fly fishing tripsare a real pleasure - many regular customers who are always coming withAndy Pfirstingerconfirm this.Unfortunately, most of the trips for 2021 are fully booked again.The good news is that there are currently still a few free spaces open for the trip to the Austrian Traun river in July.And for the trip to Montana in September there is exactly 1 space left.

PS: You donot take any booking riskwith us due to Corona, our trips will only take place if there are no travel warnings andrestrictions for the respective destination at the time of travel.We also cancel the trips at short notice if the trip would be associated with compulsory quarantine or mandatory vaccination.In other words, you can book carefree, if everything is good, you're there and if not, it won't cost you a penny. Find out more about our current travel program here.

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