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The 2020 seasonhas ended - look forward to the new one!

19. Dezember 2020
Christmas Greetings!Photo: M.H.

December, 11., 2020
The huchen fever is also rampant!
In times of Corona, other diseases are also rampant, with fishermen now especially the huchen fever! Perhaps less dangerous for your health, but incurable and usually less successful, you cancatch even large specimens as well with a fly from time to time, especially in late autumn and winter when the surroundings are sometimesfantastic.
Bottom left, a barely metric specimen who escaped a frequentAlpine angler customer at the last moment while attempting to land the fish- yes, huchen have a hard mouth and often throw the hook. Bottom right,also a long-term customer of ours with a dream Hucho Hucho of 1.10m weighing approx. 15kg caught by theend of last week whereeverything went well. Photos: AP, MS, MB
PS: We wish all infected people (huchen fishermen) tight lines in the next weeks! Suiting tackle (single-/double-hand rods, reels, lines, etc.) you will find in our shop, we are happy to advise you, too.

December 02., 2020
GoldenNovember Fly Fishing!
In contrast to October, this year November was a golden one. Top conditions and mostly vain sunshine with not too cold temperatures offered a varied fishing. Grayling, trout, even a big barbel and a small Huchen (taimen) could be seduced on fine equipment at the end of the season.
Most of the sections here on the upper Isar are already closed for season, but it has also gotten cold. Now all that's missing is a large Huchen to crown the season. Photos:A.P.

October 27., 2020
Upper Isar river - fall fishing at its peak!
Fallfishing has reached its peak here on the Isar river and elsewhere in the Alpine region. Clear low water and the hatchof small mayflies and stone flies let the fish rise. Alone the weather didn't want to play along very often in October. But when it fit, both the fishing and the sourroundings with its gorgeous play of colors were great!
It will be just as exciting again in the coming weeks - provided the weather is suiting. Dry days with sunshine should definitely be fished before the season ends on November 30th and winter arrives.
PS: Guiding appointments for a half day arestill possible, accomplished only with suitable weather. Tight lines!Photos:A.P.

October 24., 2020
Alpine Angler fly fishing trip Ybbs- a successful trip despite rainy weather!
At this year's travel date to theYbbs river in October, Petrus was unfortunately not on our side with regard to the weather unlike in previous years - instead of golden October this time we had to face cool fall weather with rain. However Petrus had an understanding and so the Ybbs river - although high - remained clear, which is why the participants with Andy Pfirstinger still experienced good fishing, albeit mostly with nymph and streamer. Worth mentioning is that after quite some years we got also some beautifully drawn brown trout again to see. And thanks to the great rainwear from Simmssuch weather can be endured well. Last but not leastthe excellent Italian cuisine, which the Kirchenwirt is offering since June, also contributed to the cheer of all those involved. Photos: A.H., A.P.

September 28., 2020
Fly fishing on the upper Isar river - a late summer review!
You really couldn't complain in the last few weeks, the Isar river finally cleared up again by the beginning of September and the weather was again warm and mostly sunny. In the past few weeks, various fat rainbows beyond the half meter mark could be seduced by using single and two-hand rods, but there were also beautiful brown trout and grayling among the catches. Photos: D.D., A.P.
PS: The bad weather cold front of the last few days has definitely ushered us in autumn. The Isarso far has not been affected by the precipitation, it is still clear and low - but we've got thefirst snow in the mountains!

September 03., 2020
Update Alpine Angler Travel events!
The sad news first, the Alpine angler's fly fishing trip to the trout Mecca Montana, USA, which should have taken place now inSeptember, is unfortunately canceled due to Corona travel restrictions. This trip is now scheduled for September 2021, the date has already been set and can be booked risk-free, because if there is a travel warning on the date, no travel will be made and advance payments will be returned on request. Currently there are still 2 free slots, all information about this trip that is organized by Andy Pfirstinger and accompanied on site, is available from this link:
This Octoberhowever, our annual fly fishing trip to the Ybbs river will take place, unfortunately it is already fully booked.
Due to the corona, all of our fly fishing trips to Italy in May and Junehad to be canceled this year. At least our two fly fishing trips to Austria in July were successful. Even thoughAndy and the group he supported experienced difficult fishing on some high water days, the trips to the Traun and the Hohe Tauern NP wereboth againa pleasure for everyone, toppedby some nice catches. Here are a few impressions... Photos: P.K., A.K., A.P.

July 20., 2020
Great News: Various G.Loomis NRX+ & Asquith fly rod models finally available!
The waiting is over! We have finally received a delivery of G.Loomis High-End fly rods (single-hand and switch/spey models from the new NRX+ and Asquith series), albeit in limited numbers.
Get your dream rod now, as long as it is available!Simply click on the desired model in the fly rods categoryof our online shop. If delivery time is short (2-5 days within Germany, 3-7 days within the EU and Switzerland, then we have the model in stock and can ship it immediately. Models with a specified longer delivery time (14-90 days) are unfortunately not available until further notice.
June, 26., 2020
Big trout and giant graylingin Slovenia!
Right after the German travel warning had been ended for EU countries, a 4 days fishing trip to the Idriza river in Slovenia was on the schedule. Two regular Alpine Angler customers experienced together withAndy Pfirstinger pretty good fishing all in all. Admittedly the fishing here must be described as quite difficultbecause of the high fishing pressure. Nontheless various rainbow and marbel/hybrid trout up to 57cm long were fooled even on dry flies what worked best in the evenings. However this magnificent grayling of 53cmAndy could seduce on sight with a nymph.Photo: I.A.
June 15., 2020
1 space availalbe at short notice for our fly fishing trip to the National Park Hohe Tauern in July!
All information and options concerningthis journey you'll get via this link:
June 07.,2020
Availability of the new G.Loomis NRX + & Asquith fly rods delayed once again!
There is bad news concerning availability of the newNRX+ , NRX+ LP and as well asAsquith fly rods. Soonest new delivery date announced by distributor SHIMANOis nowmid July but that's not guaranteed either. Sorry G.Loomis fans, not our fail.As of today we have currently available and ready to ship immediately, only 1pc per model left: NRX+ Freshwater 9' #6, Asquith 9' #8, 9' #10, Asqith Spey 13'6'' #8

June, 04.,2020
Giant mayfly hatch on its peak!
At the beginning of June, the emergence of the large mayfly is reaching its peak on most spring creeks in Germany. I was recently given the privilege to fly fish on the Sempt river (Erding district) together with fishing buddyThorsten Kramm. Although the hatch of the Danicas turned out to be very restrained against expectations in beautiful early summer weather, it was enough to lure some large trout from their shelter to feast on these huge duns on the water surface. Serving a good imitation suitably, this let us seduce some splendid brown trout, the largest Fario had a weight of sure 2 kg and its fat belly was full of mayflies. Together with a few stout rainbow trout and a grayling caught on sight with a small nymph, I experienced a fabulous Grand Slam-fishing day just a good hour's drive from here. Thanks again Thorsten, also for the pictures.Photos: T.K., A.P.
May, 24.,2020
Good fishing continous on the upper Isar river!
Gin-clear water and mostly sunny weather have continued to provide ideal conditions and good catches on the upper Isar river here in the 'Isarwinkel' since the start of the season. Even though the trout were not active at times, this changed during the day and so my guiding and class customers could experience wonderful fishing during the past 2 weeks, even partially with dry flies.Photos: A.P.
May 12.,2020
Availability of the new G.Loomis NRX + & Asquith fly rods is delayed again!
Due to Coronawe still haven't received our NRX+ , NRX+ LP and Asquith fly rods already ordered in November 2019, except for a very few in April. And almost all of them we've got are already sold out by now. MidJune the delivery to us should finally be realised -then you should be quick if you want to get one.
Currently still available and ready to ship immediately, only 1pc per model left: NRX+ Freshwater 9' #4, 9' #6, Asquith 9' #8, 9' #10, Asqith Spey 13'6'' #8
May09., 2020
Fly Fishing in Corona times!
Even there is no mouth-nose protectiondictated outdoors on the water, you can protect yourself, most notably from the sun.
With aSimms Sungaiter this worksmuch more stylish than with a protective mask.HereAndy Pfirstingeris demonstrating you such a gaiter - cool! As of now allSungaiter modelsand colors are available here at the Alpine Angler Shop, check them out! PS: Can also be used as an official mouth-nose guard, just turn the front with the breathing holes to the side...Photos: D.D.

Fulminantseason starton the upper Isar river!
On the long first weekend in May, fishing was finally possible again on the upper Isar river. Although the weather was a bit mixed, the overall conditions were very good and the first trout of the season were successfully finessed in all river sections. Even some action already happened ondry flies, otherwise the nymph led to success and seduced fat rainbows, someeasily cracked the 50cm (20 inch) mark.
Here are a few impressions from the first 3 days of the new season, courtesy of two Alpine Angler frequent customers, who were actually not together with me onthe water.
PS: Iwas also on the Isar on Sunday with my girlfriend as a photographer - thank God nothing lost in skills over thewinter and facesaved.... Further on 'Good fishing!', the next days will be great! Photos: DD, LP, A.L.

April 16., 2020
Fishing season is open!
As of today, almost all bodies of water (Upper Isar river opens here on May 1st) are open for fishing now. Finally fly fishing again! In addition, the conditions on all rivers and creeksas well as the weather are currently optimal and the first mayflies are already hatching. We wish you a great and successful start into the season - especially in these times!
PS: It doesn't always have to be trout, as this great perch proves. Tight lines!Photos: D.D., A.P.

March, 26., 2020
The firstG.Loomis NRX+ fly rods have arrived!
The first brand-new NRX+ Freshwater9 foot models in line classes 4, 5 and 6 arrived at Alpine Angler yesterday. Of course, I had to cast themthis morning. What can I say, WOW! This is not an update, but something completely new, sensationally light, the action "crisp" but not stiff, chief rod designer Steve Rajeff gaveall in again! The overall performance is incredible, the workmanship top as well as the price.
Only the G.Loomis Asquith are even a bit even more balanced in the rod action for my taste, the blanks thinner -for me still the global benchmark, however thathas its price, too! A few of the Asquith models arenow also available in some line classes.This is thetime to strikebecause deliverytime can unfortunately be very considerable with G.Loomis rods. Simply click on the model here in the shop, when the specified delivery time is short, the model is immediately available.
Your Andy Pfirstinger

March 18.,2020
Dear customer, despite the corona crisis we are fully operational in terms of mail order!
So far there are no restrictions in Europe for online trade and goods traffic and we can deliver reliably.
Meanwhilesome top innovations arrive almost daily here at our shopwhich are now available from us, such as the brand new San Miguel fly reels from ROSS REELS. The modernized new edition is wonderfully beautiful in design and perfect in execution and function -all information about this masterpiece now in our online shop.

March 11.,2020
Season has been opened, even with a small catch!
Traditionally we start the season on beautiful lake Walchen and finally the weather cooperated.So two private class customers enjoyed the sunny day up on the lake together with coach Andy Pfirstinger while an intensive Single and Doublehand casting training. As a treat a small catch topped their joint efforts. Photos: A.P.

January 21., 2020
Layout changes on the Alpine Angler Web-Site are completed!
It took some effort but now all adaptions to modern web design are accomplished and contents revised.
Have fun while browsing & shopping!

January 10., 2020
The Alpine Angler Web-Site is under rebuilding!
Frequent visitors of our web-site might have already recognized by the new look that online is quite something changing! However the web shop is working great already but the layout still needs major adaptions. It will take some more time until everything is revised but then all will look even nicer and work perfect also on your mobile devices.

Available through us:
The revolutionary ASQUITH Flyrods from G.LOOMIS with Spiral-X Technology!
Experience a new rod dimension with unfailing power, precision and ease...
Here you can learn more about the ASQUITH Single Hand rods and ASQUITH SPEY rods!
Although these high-end rods are high-priced due to their quality, we offer you the Asquith rods at a fair price including VAT, duty and freight. Only downer, many models might have a long time of delivery but various models in limited numbers we have finally now in stock again!
Therefore don't wait and grab yourself one of these dream rods!Check your desired model online in our web-shop concerning delivery time or contact us about your desired model.

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