Terms of service

1. Ordering, Payment and Delivery

You can order online or via email, phone, fax or letter.
"Like it or your money back" We offer a 14-day withdrawal and return policy on any ordered item that you do not like - you will be refunded the purchase price! See also Instructions for Cancellation and Cancellation form (WRB). Within this period unused goods have to be returned to us at your expense.
Payment options: see payment options
Shipping terms: see shipping costs

2. Offer

All prices in this web shop include the German VAT tax of at present 19% (books 7%). For customers from non-EU countries, such as Switzerland, sale and delivery at net prices is possible (export). Special offers in our shop can be limited in time or quantity. Details are provided in the product or promotion description.
Minimum order value: € 30.-
Delivery will be made ​​after receipt of payment (except for cash on delivery or pay by invoice). 
All trade goods stay in posession of Alpine Angler e.K. until we have received full payment.
All description and price information on products is subject to error.

3. Guideline for Electronic Commerce (Order process for online orders)

(a) Technical process of an order on the Internet: Please add the desired products to your virtual shopping basket. From the shopping basket or via the "Login" link, you can access and manage your existing account or set up a new account. While your checkout you select the delivery method. You then specify the payment method. Finally, you can re-check all entries for input errors and make necessary changes to your entries before submitting your order. Please refer to the on-screen instructions that will guide you through your order.
(b) Confirmation: Your submitted online order will be immediately and automatically confirmed by an e-mail that will tell you that your order has been received. This first email does not constitute a binding confirmation of your order (see paragraph 4 below).
(c) contract text: We save the contract text (it consists of the actual order: seller, buyer, product, price, etc.) and send you later the contract details by e-mail. You can view your past orders in the customer login area. Ordered as a guest, your order data is no longer accessible over the Internet for data safety reasons.
(d) Languages: The conclusion of contract is avaiable in German and English language.

4. Conclusion of contract

(a) The presentation of products in our online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a nonbinding catalog offer. By clicking the 'send order' button you make a binding order of the items in your shopping cart. The confirmation of the order follows immediately after placing the order and does not constitute an acceptance of the contract. Your order is accepted when we have sent you a binding sales order confirmation.
(b) If a contract has been concluded, but ordered items are not available from our suppliers in the foreseeable future, we reserve the right to cancel the contract. When we realize this, we will inform you immediately and refund any payments already made.
(c) German law applies to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. Any other mandatory consumer protection law of the permanent residence of the purchaser remain unaffected.

5. Defects, complaints

If you have cause to reclaim an item, please call us on +49 (0)8041-799 694, write an e-mail to info@alpineangler.eu or send the defective item(s) directly to Alpine Angler e.K., Seiboldweg 22, D-83646 Wackersberg, Germany. To check your complaints and to enforce them quickly from the respective manufacturer, please provide us with the following information about your complaint: 
- Name, address and account number 
- Reasons for the complaint 
- Name or item number of product 
(a) The statutory limitation period to reclaim defects is 2 years and begins on the date of delivery, i.e. the receipt of the goods by the buyer. Exceeding warranties of certain manufacturers  or their distributors stay unaffected.
(b) In case of a defect we will remedy the defect of your choice either by repair or a subsequent delivery of non defective merchandise, unless the desired type of remedy is for us at unreasonable cost. If two attempts of repair or correction of the defect were not successful or if we are unwilling or unable to remedy within a reasonable time or if remedy fails for any other reason, you may cancel the contract or ask for a reduction of the purchase price. If we are responsible for a defect (see "Limitation of Liability"), we may also pay compensation.
In some cases the manufacturer requires the original product for proof. If it turns out that in fact there is no defect, we will charge you the handling charges of the supplier. Exceeding guarantees of manufacturers stay unaffected.

6. EU regulation act for online dispute settlement (OS)

The European Commission will soon establish a platform for an online dispute settlement regulation (OS). The link will be released here as soon as this platform exists.

7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

(a) We are liable if there is a legal liability standard under this contract. Further we are liable only for: damages or damage expenses that have been caused by us, our legal representatives or agents; by the intent or gross negligence or culpable violation of essential contractual obligations (obligations that allow the proper handling of the contract and the contracting partner can rely on). Except in cases of intent or gross negligence, we are liable for a violation of a contractual obligation to the foreseeable, typical damage at most.
(b) The limitation of liability also extends to the personal liability of our legal representatives and agents.
(c) Claims relating to the Product or Device Safety Act, cases of culpable causation of damages to life, body or health, fraudulent misrepresentation, an assumed guarantee for the condition of goods or a procurement risk inherited by us remain unaffected.

8. Classes, Seminars, Workshops & Guiding

You can book online or by email, phone, fax or letter, and of course here in person. 
All prices for our classes, seminars, workshops and Guiding on this website include 19% VAT., as far as these take place in Germany.
Group classes/seminars/workshops:
Class fees up to an amount of € 200.- are due to full payment upon receipt of confirmation of your booking and space reservation through us. With class fees over € 200.- a deposit in the minimum amount of € 200.- per participant and event is due after receipt of confirmation and space reservation. The remaining fee is due at class/seminar/workshop start. You can pay the remaining amount cash on site at class start or pay sufficiently in advance to our bank account.
Upon receipt of your registration you will immediately receive an automatic email that shows that we have received your application. In another email later you will receive a confirmation that your booking was successful and that we have now reserved a space for you. Within the next few days you will receive a written confirmation and invoice for your desired class/seminar/workshop event by mail. If your desired event or event date is already fully booked, we will contact you shortly. For this case and if you should not be able to participate on an alternative date of the same event, you will of course get your payed deposit or class fee back.
Private class/Guiding:
Unless otherwise agreed, a 50% deposit of the total private class/guiding fee is due upon receipt of confirmation of your booking and space reservation through us. As well you will recieve besides the email prompt of reception of your registration and the later confirmation of your successful booking a written confirmation and invoice by mail. The remaining fee is due at private class/guiding start. You can pay the remaining amount cash on site at class/guiding start or pay to our bank account sufficiently in advance to your event.
While fees for fishing licenses are already included in our group class, seminars and workshop prices, fishing licence fees for private classes and guiding are not. Licence fees vary, depending on which river or lake your private class /guiding should take place and must be payed seperately and in cash on site. 
Important note on deposits for online orders: Please understand that the possibility of deposit and final payment for online bookings of a class or guiding over € 200 is limited for technical reasons to payment on invoice and prepayment only. All other payment options induce the full payment of the total class/guiding fee. Payment by invoice is available to all customers for all pure service orders. In case your shopping basket includes services and goods, payment by invoice is limited to enabled frequent customers. If payment by invoice is not avaiable to you while check out and you only want to do a down payment on your chosen class or guiding, please either order class or guiding and the desired goods by prepayment or book your class or guiding in a separate order. Otherwise the full class/guiding fee will be charged with your total order.
Please note: group classes, seminars and workshops will for organizational reasons take place in all weather conditions. Please bring appropriate clothing and shoes. 
Private classes and guiding include the possibility to arrange for a new date when water levels and weather conditions are really bad.
For any class, seminar, workshop and guiding entry applies:
If your book a group class, seminar, workshop, private class or guiding at short notice, the respective total fee is due before the class/seminar/workshop/guiding starts.
Cancellation terms:
In case you have to cancel your participation for the booked date, you can switch to an alternative date, if available. This option is free of charge, if your cancellation comes in 30 days or more in advance of your originally booked class / seminar / workshop / guiding appointment. If you cancel your participation 29 to 14 days before your booked event, we reserve the right to charge a handling fee of € 100.- per person and event, set against your payment/deposit paid. Please understand that with last minute cancellations - less than 14 days ahead of your booked class / seminar / workshop / guiding or no show - any payments and deposits will not be refunded but kept to cover our default and reservation costs.
Do we have to cancel a class, seminar, workshop or guiding (e.g. illness of the instructor or lack of participation), you can either switch to another date if available or you will receive your payment(s) fully back.
Disclaimer: Fly fishing is a safe sport compared to other sports. Of course, we are dedicated to your personal safety while the duration of your class, seminar, workshop or guiding and act with caution. If necessary during the event, the instructor will inform you accordingly about possible danger potentials and behavioral rules to avoid them.
But as with any outdoor activity - not all risks can be eliminated and so we cannot guarantee 100% safety. 
For this reason, attending our classes, seminars, workshops or guiding takes place  a t   y o u r   o w n   r i s k . Our liability for injury to persons or damage is therefore generally excluded. This is also valid for all travel with your own vehicle or if you take a ride (e.g. with the instructor or another class participant) including your private journey there/here and as well for all driving and walking to/from the class' venues (e.g. river) while the duration of the class. 
By booking and attending our classes, seminars, workshops or guiding you agree to our terms and conditions.

9. Travel

Our travel conditions will be sent automatically to you for your records together with your booking confirmation or download them here:
Reisebedingungen PDF-Download (available in German language only)

Do you have any more questions about our terms and conditions? Call us: +49 (0)8041-799 694