General guiding information

L e a r n   f r o m   t h e   p r o s . . .  m o r e   f u n   &   s u c c e s s   i n   f l y f i s h i n g !

Why flyfishing with a guide? 

Fly anglers, who fish Alpine waters new to them  w i t h o u t  a  G u i d e  not uncommonly do not catch many fish or even end up blank. Quite often there is not enough time to find out all about a piece of water, the current conditions and even top rivers with lots of fish have their pitfalls. In any case a professional guide is of priceless value, because with his wisdom and experience you'll catch a lot more fish. Plus you will always learn more about tactics and presentation. Besides we will be of help getting the appropriate fishing licences for our guiding clients, which is sometimes quite a hassle in European countries. And we can provide access to some private pieces of water. 

Trust in this experience of the Pro:

· knowledge of the water
· techniques & tactics
· casting teqhnique & presentation
· reading the water & spotting fish
· see the take, fighting fish & landing
Whatever your objectives and preferences on a guided day are, your guide can focus on that, so you will profit it any case.

Use of rental gear included!

If needed, quality rental gear and equipment of renowned manufacturers can be provided by us while a guide trip incuding breathable waders and wading boots. This service is at no extra charge.

The following Bavarian waters we can reccomend for a guide trip:

You'd like to try for other fish than trout & grayling with a fly?      

We also offer guided fly fishing for pike and carp from the boat or belly boat on pristine Bavarian lakes. This offer is also interesting for the novice in fly fishing for pike and carp. Suiting equipment for these fish and special flies can be provided at no extra charge. Contact us, if you want to go for big fish!

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