General fly fishing class information

Why is a private fly fishing class most effective?

The  s a v v y  dealing with the fly rod, coupled with sound background knowledge are the prerequisites of successful fly fishing.
As with any sport, the key to success lies in a professional instruction.
From next season on, we therefore exclusively offer you private lessons in fly fishing only as well as pure casting lessons at desired dates. The date as well as the lesson duration is determined by you, just limited to availability and seasonal restrictions. Only in this way can a course be optimally tailored to your abilities and designed individually according to your interests, taking into account your leisure time management. This does not mean that you can only attend a class by yourself, take your partner or fishing buddy(s) with you!
Another great advantage - your booked course appointment can be postponed free of charge in case of bad weather or merky water upon request at short notice. So good conditions are always guaranteed on your class day or days, a huge plus over group courses with a fixed date, that will take place in ugly weather or flood no matter what.
Although a private class for 1 to 3 people costs significantly more than a group event with 6 or more participants, you will benefit more from the high individuality, intensive training and guaranteed suiting conditions for fly fishing during your course.
For you this means the  h i g h e s t  p o s s i b l e  quality and effectiveness which makes for a great course experience!

Maximum learning success on every level!

As just explained, an individual fly fishing lesson for 1 to 3 participants enables optimized training and further education. Of course equally important is a  c o m p e t e n t  instructor who understandably mediates you the know-how.
A professional can link directly to your level of skills and so you can seamlessly build on the abilities you already have - this works on every level! So whether you want to start fly fishing, have gained some experience or are swinging the fly rod for a long time already, the content of the class - means what you want to learn or improve - can be matched perfectly to your abilities and personal preferences.
There are hardly any limits to your interests: From achieving a profound fundament, an adjustment of the basic casting technique to special presentation casts or the learning of the double-haul there is a broad spectrum of casting and presentation techniques. But just as well you could also learn how tie a special knot or ask questions about fly patterns or equipment and their use and about so much more around the topic. We'll tell you and we'll show you!
You will benefit from the years of experience in fly fishing and practice in teaching Andy Pfirstinger has gained worldwide - and learn so the best, the fastest and most important right away  r i g h t  !

Our training waters - perfect for fly fishing!

Here on-site in the so called Isar corner, the upper ISAR - Bavaria's most beautiful alpine river - with its broad gravel banks, usually clear water and versatile flow conditions not only offers fine fishing for trout and grayling, but is also an ideal practice terrain. An adequate training water is really important because in addition to the theory above all we teach you  p r a c t i c e , ideally situation-related on the water.
On choice or optional the Isar is merky, your private class can also take place elsewhere, e.g. on the White Traun river in the Chiemgau area or on a private stretch of the Singold river in the Allgäu. By the way we will take of the lincences required for your lesson. Or would you rather like to happen your lesson on your favorite fishing club river or even on your own piece of water? Or do you focus on pike and other fish species even in stillwater? No problem with an individual fly fishing class - just let us know about your favorite stretch of water, respectively your favored fish species or let us recommend to you a waterbody suiting the subject.
I n  s h o r t , our professional training on various waters in the vicinity offer a variety of opportunities to expand your skills in all regards.

Rental equipment included!

The use of high quality tackle and equipment from renowned manufacturers will be provided during your class on demand: from fly rod, reel, line and polarized glasses to breathable waders and wading boots of the latest generation; as well as consumables such as leaders and flies. This service is included in the class fee - ideal for fly-fishing beginners who do not yet have their own equipment. But also advanced fly anglers can benefit from this included service by testing new equipment intensively.

You come from further away or don't want to drive back home in the evening?

Situated in close proximity to the towns of Bad Tölz, Wackersberg, Arzbach and Lenggries there is a huge variety of accommodations of all categories as well as a few nice camp and motor home sites. Bring your partner! The magnificent "Isarwinkel" provides versatile leisure opportunities for non-fishing companions while you attend the class - perfect for a short vacation with your partner or the whole family.
Here are three recommendations from us for overnight lodging in different categories to stay overnight in the closest proximity of ALPINE ANGLER. We'd be happy to help you with your choice of accomodation and your reservation/booking matching your class date and planned stay.

Our fly fishing class offer at desired dates in brief overview:

• Private classes for beginners and for advanced fly anglers (one or more days)
• Casting clinic (casting lesson on an hourly basis)
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Booking early assures the implementation of your class at your desired date depending on availability.

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General fly tying class information

Fly tying, an art?

Artistry or craftmenship is surely more precise, because the tying of flies has both: an artistic aspect in the creation of patterns, as well as a craft, namely to fix and wrap various materials adequately with a thread on the hook. A little imagination and some technical skills are in favor, however already sufficient. And tying your flies yourself is fun!

A class is perfect for getting started, but also for further education!

In addition to the practical guide you will get lots of tips and tricks in our classes, that are difficult to derive from tying instructions in books. Plus with the variety of materials and tools you will also equal familiar soon - a better introduction to the fascinating world of fly tying does not exist. But for the advanced fly tyer a class is definitely worth the price as well, if he wants to deal creatively with special tying techniques and materials.
As an advanced tyer you can also specify the course content: for example, the tying of more complex trout & grayling patterns or the tying of saltwater flies or large streamers for pike & taimen. Or you let the professional show you a certain tying technique that you want to implement.
As with our fly fishing classes, we offer you private tying classes for 1 to max. 4 participants on desired dates. This not only gives you the highest standard of individuality at every level, but also the best learning success. In addition, you are completely flexible in the choice of the date and duration of the lesson.

Rental euqipment included!

Included in the class fee is the use of high-quality fly tying tools as well as all tying material from renowned manufacturers during your class. And of course you can keep your self-tied flies and take them home.

You come from further away or do not want to drive home in the evening?

The area here provides a huge variety of accommodations of all categories. We are happy to help you with the choice and reservation of your accommodation, see also our recommendations further above.

Our fly tying class offer at desired dates in brief overview:

• Private classes for beginners and for advanded fly tyers (one or more days)
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Booking early assures the implementation of your class at your desired date depending on availability.

You want to book by phone or email or you have questions about our class offer?

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