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You just want to improve your casting?
No problem, just book a few hours fly casting training in our ''Casting Clinic''! As the word suggests on the one hand you can let us correct errors that have crept in and eliminate them. Andy Pfirstinger can see right away what you might do wrong and what you should do instead so the loops form and unroll 'clean' in your forward and back casts and so your casting becomes effortlessly.
On the other hand new things can be learned in such a session, for example presentation or distant casts etc..
The hourly training on the meadow is  h i g h l y  e f f e c t i v e , also because it is tailored directly to your skills and interests. Appointment and duration - recommended are 1 to 3h per unit - is determined by you in consultation with us.

Of course, you can take a casting lesson not only by yourself but also together with one or two colleagues, the small number of participants allows efficient 'coaching' even on different levels. Upon request a subsequent video analysis can be used to improve your casting technique and to visualize your learning success.

Appointment: Individually bookable
Dates and duration of the lesson can be chosen freely upon availability (depending on weather even possible in winter).
Huge advantage with us: Your booked appointment can be rescheduled short-term and free of charge in case of bad weather (continuous rain, snowfall, storm) on your training date.
Note for online booking: You can specify in the field 'Desired date' on which day(s) or in which time period you would like to do your training. In another field you can tell us your focus (beginner/advanced, desired training content). We will contact you as soon as possible after booking which dates are possible or available.

Training content & focus: Freely selectable
Improvement + correction of the basic casting technique
Working angle shifting, Backhand casting
Special presentation casts like Reach, Tuck-, Parachute, Snake cast, Airmends, etc...
Double haul-casting technique

Fee per hour (60 min): The fee depends on the desired number of hours and the number of participants, see select options.
In the event we should organize a casting training for you with more than 3 participants or longer than 3 hours we'll make you an individual offer.

Location: On the sports ground in Arzbach/Wackersberg here on site.
Our hourly rates apply to lessons here on site. Should you wish another training location, additional fees for travel, meals and accomodation if required do apply.

Services include:
  • Instruction
  • Rental equipment (fly rod, fly reel, fly line, leader, tippet, yarn if required or on request, e.g. if you want to test a new outfit)
  • Coffee at the beginning, non-alcoholic drinks & snacks during the lesson
You can book online, by email or by phone. You can also give away a private training on an hourly basis with a date to be picked later via a gift voucher (see select options). For more information including regards to on site accommodation please see General school info